My Daytime Skincare Routine Using La Curcio

Recently I’ve been asked a lot about what my daytime skincare routine looks like.  It’s pretty extensive because according to researchers at the University of California-Irvine, new skin cells grow faster while you sleep, so a good evening facial routine should be a high priority. During the day, the goal is to protect your skin from the day’s pollution, stress and elements, as well as to stay hydrated. ymcwUyNSDMOFf6Y30-b0VZPCy6l5xyTYhUy3vS-B9Vw                 To make it easy for you to follow along, I’ve broken down my regime into simple steps.  Here they are: First, I cleanse with La Curcio Luminous Gentle Rose Cleanser using luke warm water.  The cleanser is calming and anti aging and has the most luxurious smell! gentale-rose-371x440-253x300                       Second I spray on La Curcio Equalizer Essential Skin Balance Mist. It’s so refreshing and super hydrates. The equalizer is rich in powerful antioxidant COQ10 which is a key element to anti-aging. I wait a few minutes allowing my skin to absorb all of equalizer. equalized-spray-371x440-253x300                       Third, I apply (in an upward patting motion) La Curcio Crystal Drops Ultra Firm & Smooth Cocktail to my face, eyes and neck to improve, maintain and anti-age!   crystal-drop-371x440-253x300                       Fourth, I can apply moisturizer (after waiting about a minute letting the serum penetrate). I only use a dab of La Curcio Luminous I Day Cream. I find it’s best to press this cream into the skin and not to use a rubbing motion.   1-day-cream-371x440-253x300                       Fifth, I pat La Curcio Luminous Macro Repair Eye Cream all around my eyes.  I always feel eye cream is the most important because the skin around your eyes is so delicate. macro-eye-crma-371x440-253x300                       Lastly, I apply my JH Collection Ultra Moist Lip Balm and JH Collection Luxury Hand Cream for moisture, softness and extra anti-aging benefits.   LaCurcio-4-1515555_R2-600x600-440x440-300x300                       So there you have it! My complete daytime skincare routine broken down for you step-by-step. Any questions tweet to me @jaimiehilfiger