Fall Footwear with Soma USA

Happy Fall Everyone!  I am so happy to be working with Soma Footwear again.  I absolutely love their shoes and these black slip on loafers are the perfect fall slide.  These loafers are so chic for a girl on the go during these upcoming fall and winter months. fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-5                       Read More

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Happy #WeddingWednesday! I hope everyone is finding my wedding blogs helpful. It’s truly such a happy time in my life and it’s so much fun to share my experiences with you so thank you for coming along this joinery with me. Today I am sharing another wedding planning post about one of my favorite topics… dress shopping. Every little girl dreams about what she’ll look like in her wedding dress. But when it comes time to actually shop for gowns, it’s easy to feel lost in the racks upon racks upon racks of white dresses. Luckily, I have a few simple tips to make dress shopping a fun and painless process—just like it should be. jamie 010_                       Read More

Chic Summer Sunnies

Believe it or not, sun protection isn’t for just your skin and hair. Shielding your eyes during harsh summer months should be just as high on your priority list. Sunglasses are a girl’s best friend on a sunny day, and my go-to accessory for looking chic on the run. IMG_1529                       Read More

Get Personal with Jane Basch Jewelry

Having the right classic jewelry piece in your wardrobe will not only jazz up an ensemble, it will also amplify a great look without being too flashy. There’s no denying that scarves hold all the power when it comes to winter ensembles, but with flowers in bloom, we must find that standout necklace that possesses the ability to push an outfit forward. Cue the ultra-fabulous and always effective monogram necklace. Whether you like script initials or bold lettering adding a personalized necklace to dress up your corporate button-down, or a to offset a neutral ensemble, can avoid a look from becoming bland - like a true personalized piece should. Monogram necklaces standout because no two one is the same. IMG_1516 IMG_1510                       Read More

A Bella Kitchen

In most households, the kitchen is the heart of the home.  It’s the place to whip up a healthy meal, bake a sweet treat, or mix a delicious cocktail.  The kitchen is also the place where friends and family gather to tell stories and spend time with one another.  That’s why it’s important to keep your kitchen just as stylish and chic as any other room in your house. Since my personal style is all about glamour and luxury my home decor is as well.  That’s why when decorating my kitchen, I had to make sure to add sleek and chic elements.  I was introduced to Bella Housewares by my stylish friend Dana Prigge.  She told me that she was so in love with her rose gold coffee maker that I HAD TO check out their website.  My favorite collection was Dots 2.0.  Not only did they have rose gold kitchen appliances but they also had yellow gold and a striking stainless steel.  I immediately fell in love with their countertop electronics! BELLA-Dots-Collection toaster Read More

Make an Instant Style Statement with Fringe

Never static, the flapper was a woman on the go, whether she was dancing in a fountain à la Zelda Fitzgerald or doing the Charleston.  The abbreviated Jazz Age silhouette certainly lends itself to movement, and the slinky fringing and long strands of pearls were known to give the wearer a hypnotic sway.  Gatsby girls aren’t the only ones to appreciate its kinetic appeal though: Performers like Tina Turner and artist Nick Cave have made use of fringe, as did Milanese designer Marco de Vincenzo. IMG_0376 Read More

Things Successful Women Do Everyday

Now that the first month of the new year is coming to an end, it’s a great time to be reminded of the goals you set for yourself 30 days ago.  So in the spirit of the New Year, I wanted to share a bit of wisdom that I’ve learned in my life thus far. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of successful women who have helped me get to where I am today. And I’ve noticed that lots of them (myself included!) have some daily habits in common that contribute to their success. Here are 10 of those habits that have served me and my fellow working women well… ZATbmEIGGT151ew5K-PVka2r76GQcKtj-QDprHNTkv4 Read More

10 Glamorous Style Lessons From Christina Hendricks

I am always honored when asked by Fox News Magazine to lend my style expertise to fashion articles.  Their latest piece is on the ever so glamorous Christina Hendricks and how to emulate her timeless style.  Being such a huge fan of her exquisite look I was happy to comment!  Read below to discover 10 Glamorous Style Lessons From Christina Hendricks by various style experts including myself! B8DMUzRCMAABDHv Read More

New Year, New You!

Now that we are well into the new year it’s important to stay true to those resolutions that you made a few weeks ago.  To me, there’s something about the month of January that feels exciting. The holidays may be over, but this new month brings excitement with a fresh start that only comes along once a year.  It feels like a clean, crisp, slate to  begin a new chapter of your life!  When January rolls around, I always write out my New Year’s Resolutions.  A few of them usually have to do with diet and exercise, a few with improving my inner self, and of course there are always fashion resolutions!  While it’s important to stay healthy, stylish, and happy every month of the year, January is the time that most people take a moment to rethink their diet, fitness, and beauty routines. nnKktORvCcV4SJ5OQiJMbpQtUHqAowo7ux7LEyETZAc,K1ZPjao8Kae-db-NKi8gONvYbjyrzNKu2J1RG3om6cI Read More

Give the LBD a Break and Try Radiant Orchid

According to Pantone Color Institute the hottest color this year has been radiant orchid, a bold version of purple associated with creativity and originality that flatters nearly every skin tone.  I was recently asked by Health Magazine, among other style experts, to give my advice on wearing this year’s most popular color. Take a look below to see 10 Ways to Make Radiant Orchid Work For You: clothes Read More