Fall Footwear with Soma USA

Happy Fall Everyone!  I am so happy to be working with Soma Footwear again.  I absolutely love their shoes and these black slip on loafers are the perfect fall slide.  These loafers are so chic for a girl on the go during these upcoming fall and winter months. fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-5                       Read More

Behno Fashion

Hello September! Hello Fashion Month! As many of you know, September is all about highlighting fall fashion. While I tend use every month as an excuse to refresh the trends in my closet, September kicks off a whole new season (and just so happens to be the biggest fashion month of the year!) I know that it isn’t quite time to transition your summer clothes out completely, so today I’m going to highlight the perfect skirt that’s appropriate for end of summer and early fall events. IMG_8183                       Read More

Soma Footwear

iusb_760x100.19898468_mvzi     What girl doesn’t want to add another fabulous pair of shoes to her collection? I always look at the changing of seasons as the perfect excuse to stock my closet with a few new must-haves. Even though it’s not quite fall yet, it’s important to prepare for the upcoming season. This fall, it’s all about embellished flats. Footwear is a great way to incorporate current trends into your wardrobe. Read More

The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection by La Curcio Phase II

I am beyond excited to announce that The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection by La Curcio Phase II is currently On Sale at LaCurcio.com!  I am thrilled to share these five new products with all of you. This collection means so much to me because La Curcio and I are delivering products that generate actual results for real skin concerns. CpdFArnWcAAGQ1l                 Read More

Fun Bingo-Themed Ideas for Your Bridal Shower

Your wedding is going to be one of the most beautiful experiences you’ll have in your life, but if there was anything more exciting for the bride than marrying the love of her life, it’s getting everything over and done with, according to Bustle contributor Amanda Chatel. It’s not just the big day itself that induces stress because it’s all the events that lead up to the ceremony that can also take a toll on you, starting with the bridal shower. As much as you feel everything must be extravagant, going for simplicity may just be what will deter you from a bridezilla transformation. And when it comes to planning your bridal shower, why not go for something less pretentious and something low-key and fun like a bingo theme? il_570xN.153335026                       Read More

7 Creative Ways To Wear Something Blue On Your Wedding

You’ve probably heard of the wedding day tradition where a bride is supposed to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. According to The Knot, this tradition goes back to an old English rhyme about the four objects that will bring good luck to a bride on her wedding day. Something old represents continuity; something new brings optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes happiness; and something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity. The first three items should be pretty easy to incorporate. But it’s ‘something blue’ that might prove a challenge. Now I’m not the biggest fan of traditions, but I do think it’s fun to find a creative way to hide a hint of color in your all-white ensemble. I’ve been brainstorming a list of ‘something blue’ ideas for my own wedding day, so I thought I’d share them with everyone for today’s #WeddingWednesday post. Here are 7 creative ways to wear something blue on your wedding day… Read More

My Feature in Doral Magazine

Doral-Magazine-logo-black         Doral page 1Doral Page 2                     Read More

My Daytime Skincare Routine Using La Curcio

Recently I’ve been asked a lot about what my daytime skincare routine looks like.  It’s pretty extensive because according to researchers at the University of California-Irvine, new skin cells grow faster while you sleep, so a good evening facial routine should be a high priority. During the day, the goal is to protect your skin from the day’s pollution, stress and elements, as well as to stay hydrated. ymcwUyNSDMOFf6Y30-b0VZPCy6l5xyTYhUy3vS-B9Vw               Read More

Happy Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras 2016! Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday) actually begins on Twelfth Night, January 6, and continues nonstop until the day before Ash Wednesday. The date of Mardi Gras ties to Easter and varies each year. I personally love this holiday because I’ve been celebrating it since high school in French class.  Every year the French students would have a huge celebration and bring traditional Mardi Gras food.  It was always something nice to look forward to.  Now that I’m older the real Mardi Gras partying can happen! 10991451_1019522454744462_1457440990267243395_n                       Here are some tips on having the best Mardi Gras experience in New Orleans or any major city having a celebration: Read More

Wedding Guest Etiquette

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are having a fabulous #WeddingWednesday! The first of 2016, yaay! Today I am going to be writing about something not a lot of people consider, Wedding Guest Etiquette. For a Bride it’s so important that her wedding day goes off without a hitch that worrying about her guests should be the last of her worries! If you are simply going to be a guest at an upcoming wedding this wedding season than this blog is for you! There are actually still a lot of etiquette rules that you should keep in mind. I’ve witnessed from multiple perspectives what is appropriate and what is not. So before you dive head first into wedding season, here are some simple etiquette tips to follow… Screen-Shot-2013-10-04-at-13.57.56-490x353                 Read More