Let Your T-Shirt Do the Talking

Now that spring is already here it’s time to unpack our shorts, our baseball hats and, most importantly, our funny T-shirts.  There’s been one major trend hitting the fashion scene this season, and that’s the slogan T-shirt.  Everywhere you look, from the high street shops to street style fashionistas and bloggers alike, T-shirts have been emblazoned with attention grabbing statements.  Some are funny because they’re good jokes, some are funny because they’re classics, and a large number are funny simply because someone would actually wear them.  Everyone has been wearing their thoughts on their T-shirts.  Slogan T-shirts not only look cool but they are also a sneaky way of expressing how we really feel. IMG_0671   And this is how I really feel 24/7... Read More

Make Barbie Jealous with Glamour Dolls Makeup

Everyone knows that I have an obsession with Barbie!  There is something about her iconic style and her love for pink that just speaks to me!  I have always loved Barbie’s signature hot pink lips and have searched forever to find the perfect shade.  Luckily I was introduced to Glamour Dolls Makeup by my good friend Dana Prigge, a features editor at BELLA NYC Magazine.  Not only did Glamour Dolls have the perfect shade of Barbie pink lipstick but they had a variety of pink shades that were ideal for creating the perfect Barbie lip. IMG_3249-1024x682 Read More

Make an Instant Style Statement with Fringe

Never static, the flapper was a woman on the go, whether she was dancing in a fountain à la Zelda Fitzgerald or doing the Charleston.  The abbreviated Jazz Age silhouette certainly lends itself to movement, and the slinky fringing and long strands of pearls were known to give the wearer a hypnotic sway.  Gatsby girls aren’t the only ones to appreciate its kinetic appeal though: Performers like Tina Turner and artist Nick Cave have made use of fringe, as did Milanese designer Marco de Vincenzo. IMG_0376 Read More