Cosmetics and Make-Up: When to Keep or Toss

Since I am SUCH a beauty product junkie, I figured that I would write a blog on when to keep or toss your makeup.  A lot of women do not know that nothing lasts forever, especially when it comes to cosmetics and skincare.  Although you may hate to say goodbye to a favorite lipstick, cream or concealer —  using a product after it’s expired could potentially do your skin more harm than good.  Mostly, it could be the cause of serious disappointment for you to realize that an old favorite can no longer deliver the colour or quality it used to especially in lipsticks.  If you notice any change in colour, texture or smell, don’t take any chances; discard and replace.  An eye shadow or blush that appears less vibrant or now “stains” the skin instead of blending in effortlessly; a lipstick that was once creamy, now dry upon application; a crumbled pressed powder; they should all be thrown away. Once a product has been opened and used, oxidation begins and bacteria can spread.  Unfortunately, knowing when to pitch products isn’t always so straightforward. 4a94b609475af Read More

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her

There are so many reasons why I love the month of February.  For one, winter is almost over and spring is on the horizon!  But my all-time favorite part of February has to be showering my closest family and friends with love, gifts, and gratitude. This month stores are is filled to the brim with Valentine’s Day gifts and websites are packed with DIYs that will give Cupid a run for his money.  I’m sure that you are a bit overwhelmed with all the saturation so I’ve come up with my top 5 favorite unisex gift ideas for Him & Her!  (I know there are guys out there secretly reading this blog)! jamie 134_ Read More