The Next Generation in Organic Skincare – AEOS

ep14061383621935get-attachment-3.aspxBeing a woman in today’s day and age makes for a ton of things to worry about. Besides never being able to find a pair of jeans that fits just right and losing countless hours to Pinterest, there are some other universal concerns we all face (literally). Whether you’d rather be caught dead than without your red lipstick on or you’re more of a BB cream and run kind of girl, there are just some things we all need to know. How do you choose the best skincare regime? Which ingredients in skincare products do we all really need to avoid? Which benefits should we look for? Will that serum actually improve my skin by 80%? Inquiring minds including myself need to know…   Read More

Are Celebrities Dressing Too Risque?

ep14050899641936BsHOk1BCQAAHVg3.jpg-large I was recently asked to comment on a story Elizabeth Wellington from the Philadelphia Inquirer was writing. She had asked me the question if I thought celebrities like Beyonce were dressing too risqué. Check out the article below and let me know your thoughts! I always love to hear from you! Mirror, Mirror: No ifs or ands, the butts have it If it looks as if fashion and pop culture have been mooning you as of late, you're right. Beyoncé is sporting a buttock-baring onesie on her "On the Run" tour. Entire bridal parties are flashing their fancy fannies on your Twitter and Facebook feeds. And then there are all the everyday bottoms hightailing it through the city in hot pants just a tad too tiny. Whoa.   Read More

My Interview with Haute Living Magazine: Jaimie Hilfiger Wants a Brand as Big as Kim Kardashian’s

ep14049155071930JHilfiger6My interview with Haute Living Magazine: As has been written before, Jaimie Hilfiger, socialite, fashion icon, emerging designer, Huff Post fashion writer, etc., wants to model her career after Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. She reiterates this in this interview. Go ahead, scoff at her, but you’d be dismissing how ambitious, determined, and talented Hilfiger is. “I don’t want people to think negatively of this because I’m not ashamed of this, but I really want to model my career after Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton,” says Hilfiger, “Not the negative things they’ve done or the poor choices they’ve made. But what they’ve done with their name and their brand is inspiring. I think they are two smart, strong women.” Read More

What to Wear This 4th of July!

A Patriotic Wardrobe Mix If you’re thinking of dressing in a patriotic spirit for July Forth this year but don’t want to be literal about it, you may want consider going Red, White, and Blue is a less obvious way. Adding patriotic feel to your outfit will have you staying true to theme without looking like a you are wearing an American Flag. I always think that it’s best to embody Independence Day wearing something different from everyone else with standout accessories. Take a look at these patriotic outfit ideas that work red, white, or blue into your look without taking it overboard. Read More