How to Channel Blake Lively’s Style

ep14038129861934MixandMatch1 It may be tempting to hate on a Hollywood blonde bombshell who gushes in the pages of Vogue about never dieting and eating chocolate every day, but the woman’s got style. Former “Gossip Girl” star and current wife of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively is famous for being the coveted muse to fashion designers with a style of her own that combines old Hollywood chic with California cool. It’s one look that’s completely her own and admired by fans across the country. But what’s really surprising is the fact that Lively reportedly doesn’t work with a stylist. Read More

Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil – A MultiTasking Beauty Product


Let’s face it, we are all busy during this time of year! I love multitasking in my everyday life so when it comes to beauty products it’s amazing when there is a product that can also multitask. When I discover a product that can benefit hair, skin, and nails I’m all for it! Read More

Look Chic This Summer On Your Road Trip

ep14032937791927tumblr_ldv1hfpmfe1qceyfgo1_500 If your summer plans include a good old fashioned road trip across the Fifty United States - whether it's to visit grandparents, tour the Grand Canyon or accompany the kids along the amusement park circuit - let your inner road warrior merge with your fashion goddess senses. Gauzy blouses, loose maxi dresses and this season's fancy sweats (yup, those two words are co-existing next to each other in a sentence) are coming together for a comfy-chic blend. (This is a good thing for anybody who has ever untagged themselves from "road trip" albums on Facebook because of bedhead plus wrinkled clothes plus the are-we-there-yet face.) And, when you head out for your girls-only getaway, mancation, couples adventure or family vacation, there's a perfect formula for packing for a road trip so that you're both comfy and looking good along your stops. Read More

Layer it, Leave it, Love it – Introducing Cleavitz

ep14031935351919Cleavitz-Logo I have had SO many pieces in my closet that have just hung there unworn because of their poor fit. They are either too low, too open, or too sheer. Have you had this problem? Read More

Introducing Jaimie Nicole Jewelry

ep14029425501909logo In my 25 years, I have never seen anyone spell their name quite like me. It’s a very unique spelling of the name Jaimie so when I was introduced to JAIMIE NICOLE Jewelry I was immediately attracted to the line. After visiting the beautiful Jaimie Nicole showroom located right here in Miami, not only did I fall more in love with the collection but I also felt a strong connection to the company. Read More

Why Won’t Jennifer Lopez Stop Referencing Her Grammy Dress?

I was recently asked by Leslie Gornstein an entertainment writer for Yahoo! Celebrity News to lend my commentary on a Burning Question: Why Won't Jennifer Lopez Stop Referencing Her Grammy Dress? 42nd Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom   Read More

Make the High-Waisted Look Work for You

ep14025821421913RT_KimKardashian_16   When it comes to the hottest fashion trend heating up the summer, pants are on the rise. Along with skirts and shorts. But we’re not talking about any ol’ apparel here. This about a sophisticated, slimming cut that shields the navel, hides unwanted bulges, and cinches the midsection, bringing out your inner retro bombshell. Forget those too-tight skinnys. This season, it’s all about the high-waisted style. Made popular in the 1980s, high-waisted pants have re-emerged and named the ‘Biggest Trend for Spring’ by many denim company executives. This style is so popular because, contrary to popular belief, it IS a style for everyone. High-waisted looks appeal to the older customer who needs a little more coverage and also to the young fashionista who is on the verge of every popular trend that comes to the market. High-waisted bottoms not only appeal to women of all ages, but also to women of all shapes. The beauty of this trend for plus-size women is that most looks are also wide-legged and loose. This masks many flaws. For petite women, high-waisted pants and shorts can elongate the legs to make you look taller. Unfortunately, the high-waisted look does have a downside. If worn incorrectly, you’ll risk channeling a soccer mom over sultry siren. To rock this look effortlessly, check out the major dos and don’ts on wearing the high-waisted style in Fox News Magazine by clicking HERE. What do you think of the high-waisted look? Tweet to me @jaimiehilfiger and Let Me Know!

Why You Should Wear Yellow!


What’s the hottest color to rock this summer? Think golden rays of sunshine. We’re not talking about mellow yellow here. Rather, this season’s It-shade is all about glorious gold among that sea of plain LBDs. Perfectly complementing the sun soaked days of summer and warm, balmy nights, this is a color many celebrities have been rocking the red carpet lately–and with good reason. Read More