US Weekly Fashion Police Strikes Again!

This week US Weekly Fashion Police caught celebrities not wearing pants. No Pants? Big Problem. The skimpy look, is on it's last leg... Pick up a copy on newsstands to check out my fashion commentary and who I called out! Let me know if you agree or disagree with my comments. I always love your feedback. Tweet to me at@JaimieHilfiger. fashionpolice

My Pearly Whites

pearlywhitesMany times I'm asked what my secret is to perfectly white teeth. After trying Crest White Stripes and many other at home teeth whitening products I was introduced to Whitening Lightning. Their teeth whitening pens and professional teeth whitening home kit allow users to whiten their teeth and get the results they want. No hassle, no messy trays, and no tooth sensitivity! People avoid using traditional teeth whitening products because they cause tooth sensitivity and are too messy and time consuming to use. Traditional teeth whitening and bleaching products use carbamide peroxide as the active ingredient. It is slow-acting and can cause tooth and gum pain with extreme tooth sensitivity and irritation. Whitening Lightening products are made with hydrogen peroxide which offers faster results without tooth the sensitivity. Click HERE to visit the Whitening Lightning website to learn more about their amazing products! I promise you won't be disappointed.

How to Wear Lace

I am so blessed to be frequently asked by Fox News Magazine for my fashion commentary.Fashion is my greatest passion and I love discovering new trends and discussing current ones. My latest fashion assignment for Fox News Magazine was to offer tips on 'How to Wear Lace'. I have always been a big fan of wearing lace because I believe it works on everyone. It's feminine and innocent, but also sexy and provocative. To read the full article featured in Fox News Magazine, CLICK HERE! I hope you enjoy it! Do you like to wear lace? Tweet to me @JaimieHilfiger and let me know!