US Weekly Fashion Police Round #3!

ep13673394861929get-attachment.aspx This week's theme for US Weekly's fashion police was tie-dye gone wrong! Since Coachella was this month many celebrities were inspired to showcase their inner hippie wearing various types of tie-dyed pieces. Do you agree or disagree with the comments I made about Kendra Wilkinson and Rachel McAdams? Tweet me at @jaimiehilfiger and let me know! I always appreciate your feedback!

Eco-Friendly Fashion

ep1366739157190992963-89337 In honor of Earth Day yesterday, I wanted to share with you my interview with Psychology Today! In this interview I discuss the power of Slow Fashion otherwise known as eco-fahsion. I name my favorite eco-friendly designers and what to avoid when shopping for beauty products. It is so important to remain eco-conscious even when dressing! Slow Fashion is not just the latest trend. It’s a sustainable one. To read my interview click HERE!

Us Weekly Fashion Police Strikes Again!

ep13661186931918BHxpTvWCUAAu8Ax I LOVE commenting on Fashion! The good, the bad, and the ugly. It is so much fun to discuss the dos and don'ts of fashion and to spot the latest trends! I am so happy that my new position with US WEEKLY allows me to do this! Do you agree or disagree with my comment about Nicki Minaj? Tweet to me @JaimieHilfiger and Let Me Know!

Prom Season Trends and Style Tips!

ep13656949371938image 1 When I was in high school Prom Season was my favorite! Even when I wasn't old enough to attend Prom I used to be a "Prom Style Concierge" to all my older friends!   With Prom season right around the corner, KidzWorld caught up with me to check out the latest styles and trend. To view my full interview click HERE!  

US WEEKLY Fashion Police Contributor!

ep13655217601918BGltbxzCMAAjluH.jpg-large I am so pleased to announce that I am the newest "Fashion Police" Contributor for my favorite entertainment magazine, US WEEKLY ! Check out my first comment here! Do you agree or disagree?

The Best Dressed Men At Any Age

ep13642389191928387526_593704040659641_901973387_n Happy #MotivationalMonday Everyone! When it comes to fashion, these best dressed men get it right. Take a look at my latest article from MSN Living to see the best dressed celebs by decade and what we can learn from their style. Click this link!   XXOO  

Spring Fashion Tips

ep13639648331922CBS_TV,_Los_Angeles,_Jaimie_HilfigerWhat is in the crystal ball for spring 2013? Besides April showers and May flowers, fashionistas are already making room in their wardrobes for runway trends. Expect to see bold fashion statements including high-contrast black and white, stripes and more prints. Check out this link from CBS where I lay out what to wear and buy for the next season with tips anyone can use. Enjoy!   XXOO